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Why become an ob-gyn?

My reason is simple I want to be an ob-gyn because I enjoy the thought of helping women all around the world go through one of the hardest things in life. Childbirth to me is like a new breath of fresh air for another living thing. No matter what they become they have a whole world to pick from and see and go through career leadership management human-resources

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2 answers

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Tonya’s Answer

From your statement I can see and feel the passion you have for birth and the health of women and families.

As a midwife, my calling to become a midwife came in middle school when I wrote a paper on becoming a midwife. The teacher said this is a good paper but there are no such things as midwives anymore. The teacher was an excellent teacher however as with anyone, we cannot be all knowing. I can relate to your passion. I still remember the first birth I attended as a nursing student and the first birth I attended as a midwifery student.

The reason for becoming an OB-GYN is exactly what you just stated and is truth for you. Others may have the same reason or additional reasons. However, the core believe as you speak to others you may hear or read is to: provide safe care for patients and families, witness the miracle of birth, teach those who will raise children before they are even born, motivate healthy living for the benefits of the family and unborn child, write about wellness for families, focus on women’s health and wellness concerns, provide care for women and families across the world, teach about nutrition, provide emergency care and more. Also, the GYN portion is to care for the health, wellness, and care for health concerns/diagnosis for various ages. There is also the special bond with a patient and family when situations do not result in what was expected. OB-GYNs may be in practice for so long that they care for a family for birth and then care for the children when they are adults for their births as well.

The work can be rewarding and hard as I have worked side-by-side with some of the greatest OB-GYNs whose heart was always focused on the care of the patient and family.

I have included resources below as informational on women’s health and perinatal care. At this time in school you may find local reputable organizations to volunteer regarding Women’s Health and Families. Ask the guidance counselor at your school or school nurse.

All the Best.

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologist. Home

March of Dimes. Home.

World Health Organization. Child Health.
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Abdul Nasir’s Answer

___Higher Demand for Female OB/GYNs
While health care may seem to be a male-dominated field, over the past few years, the demand for female OB/GYNs has increased significantly. More women than ever are requesting to see another female specialist these days. Women are naturally more comfortable talking with women, especially about sex or pregnancy issues.
____Work Satisfaction
Something is satisfying about bringing new life into this world, and this is one of the reasons people have ranked OB/GYN as the most rewarding sector in the healthcare field. As an OB/GYN, you’ll have the chance to experience childbirth regularly and help new mothers make choices that will affect their newborn’s health. Some OB/GYNs work with high-risk pregnancies exclusively.
____Higher than Average Salary
Not only is the obstetrics field one of the most fulfilling positions in healthcare, but it is also one of the highest paying.
It’s also important to note here that studying to become an OB/GYN is also flexible with many bachelor-level programs now being available online.