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Angel Jun 01, 2021 854 views

Why become an ob-gyn?

My reason is simple I want to be an ob-gyn because I enjoy the thought of helping women all around the world go through one of the hardest things in life. Childbirth to me is like a new breath of fresh air for another living thing. No matter what they become they have a whole world to pick from...

Derek’s Avatar
Derek Sep 23, 2022 945 views

does security job really make you happy?

The reason i asked many people this question is because people go to school for years to not be happy with a job they do not like.

Lethukuthula’s Avatar
Lethukuthula Jun 08, 2023 355 views

what are recommended guidelines to follow for professional-development??

The transition from being a student to being a professional is a bit challenging.
As we are facing a huge problem with how to use college fundamentals in solving real-world problems.
That two-month training taught me a lot, and I will need to have answers prepared for my next position.

Everardo’s Avatar
Everardo Jun 21, 2023 276 views

What part of remote work stresses a new Office Administration employee?

Does an Office Administration employee who works from home learn to set their desk for the best production? It sounds to me that working from home is the best start in a career. When an employee starts will they be allowed to use their personal computers?

Dahrien’s Avatar
Dahrien Jun 21, 2023 504 views

As a future HR professional, what emerging trends or technologies should I be aware of and actively engage with to stay competitive in the industry and provide value to organizations?

3rd-year student at CSU San Bernardino

Major: Business Administration - Human Resources

I work as a student assistant for the student success center at the university