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Kampala, Central Region, Uganda

Within 40 mile radius
Sheillah’s Avatar
Sheillah Mar 30 463 views

Pharmacy versus midwifery. Which one is more fulfilling ?

I need to know

Sheillah’s Avatar
Sheillah Mar 30 459 views

How good is the pharmacy profession??

I would love to become a pharmacist

Sheillah’s Avatar
Sheillah Mar 30 465 views

What field of pharmacy is suitable for me? I am an enrolled midwife but I want to change career to pharmacy.

I am currently a midwife with a certificate as qualification. I am working with a hospital here in Uganda as a midwife. Currently I developed interest in pharmacy career and I want to change careers. I need career guidance please which field of pharmacy can I fit in

Magezi’s Avatar
Magezi Aug 07, 2023 230 views

I've been doing my CE course here in Uganda but the pay doesn't look nice am looking at possibly advancing in a specific field to perhaps get better pay if at all any what would you recommend ?

Am currently in my last year of civil engineering

joel’s Avatar
joel Jan 09, 2023 629 views

what can i do to achieve a no experienced job ?

what can i do to get a job with no experience?

David Jolly’s Avatar
David Jolly May 09, 2022 403 views

What can I do to develop technology for health in Africa?

I am currently a final-year medical student in Uganda. I have learned data analysis with R, moving on to learn machine learning. I am also learning python. I am interested in working majorly on AI for health

Martha’s Avatar
Martha Oct 28, 2021 945 views

What course should I start with for interior design? And can I do business later even though I didn't take it in year 11?

I'm a fifteen year old about to sit for my IGCSE exams and I want to be an interior designer. However I didn't choose business as one of my optional subjects. I want to figure out which courses I should take when I go to university and in which order. #interior-design #business #design

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Dec 02, 2019 728 views

What does it take to become an aeronautical engineer?

#aeronautics #aerospace #engineering

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Dec 05, 2016 1781 views

What should I choose between- architecture or civil engineering?

I am a college student that has just finished my final exams at collage then waiting to go to University.. I offered physics, mathematics, and fine art, in my subject combination at collage.. I like art and i feel very cool wen it comes to designing things.. I really feel i should not loose...

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