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What to expect in business psychology and what are possible careers?

I'm currently a high school senior, and I'm interested in business psychology. What courses and topics should I expect once I enter college, and what are the career paths for this? Aside from that, what resources can I refer to or activities I should do to help me prepare for what's ahead?

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2 answers

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Kquevhin!

It sounds like you're someone who wants to help companies maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Organizational psychologists use research methods to increase productivity, improve morale, and solve issues in the workplace. As an organizational psychologist you will develop training programs and most likely be involved in recruiting and the hiring processes. You'll basically help your employer understand what motivates their staff so they can work to improve their environment. Typically you need a master's degree to be a organizational psychologists.

You'll take courses that deal with training and development, recruitment, organizational structure, industrial psychology and performance appraisal as well as courses in principles of management. Since organizational psychologists rely on data to make important decisions, courses will also include accounting and finance along with management, marketing principals and information systems.
Again, industrial-organizational psychologists typically need at least a master’s degree so you'll have more opportunities if after your bachelor's you seek your Master's Degree. From there you might even consider Doctoral Degree.

I hope this helps!

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Gabrielle’s Answer

I would recommend speaking to an advisor at the college you plan to attend to plan out which classes will be the most beneficial to your career goals. There are many different psychology courses that could be beneficial in business!

Business psychology seems to focus on improving work life to encourage sustainable and productive performance for the company as a whole as well as individual employees. One class I have taken called Ethics & Diversity in Psychology offered valuable information on inclusivity and diversity in the work place. I believe a similar class would be beneficial in gaining understanding of human behavior in professional settings.

I hope this is helpful!