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What skills do I have to posses if I want to major in physics?

Physics is a very interesting field of science and very challenging. But, besides advanced math what else does this field require me to qualify for? majors physic astrophysics

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2 answers

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Sheila’s Answer

Hello Hanana: To study physics, you should take as much high school and college mathematics as you can reasonably fit into your schedule. Especially, take the entire run of algebra, geometry/trigonometry, and calculus courses available, including Advanced Placement courses if you qualify.

Physics is a discipline and, as such, it's a matter of training your mind to be prepared for the challenges it will present. Here is some mental training that students will need to successfully study physics, or any science -- and most of them are good skills to have regardless of what field you're going into.  .  .

Mathematics, Problem Solving & Scientific Reasoning, Technical Knowledge, Analytical, Good Study Habits, and Reality Check


Good Luck to You!

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David R.’s Answer

I studied Physics at UC Berkeley and have always been proud of and happy with my choice of major.

In addition to the math skills required (algebra, calculus, statistics, etc), it is very important to focus on problem-solving skills. Physics is a discipline in which you will have a set of rules (physical laws, formulas, and similar concepts) and the goal is to apply them in creative ways to solve the specific problem at hand. The math skills will be necessary, but approaching the subject with a curious and creative mind will allow you to tackle a wider range of fields and problems.

Best of luck!

David R. recommends the following next steps:

There are lots of books out there that explore Physics from a qualitative side - no math and formulas, just concepts and approaches to common problems. Grab a fun one to read up on!