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Is going to a junior college then tranferring to a university logical?

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2 answers

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Steve’s Answer

YES, going to a junior college (for, say, 2 years or so) and then transferring to a 4-yr university is a great game plan! Here's why...

1) SAVE MONEY - Get all of those General Ed requirements out of the way at a *very* low cost

2) GET USED TO COLLEGE - Not quite ready to jump from high school to mega-University? No problem! Use your time at a junior college to get familiar with the college experience and having more autonomy.

3) TUNE UP - If you need to brush up on some of your academic skills (e.g. English, Math, etc.), you can do that easily with all of courses and support resources available at junior colleges

4) GET A CLUE - Maybe you're not sure yet what you want to major in. That's ok, because you can explore all kinds of classes at a junior college and find out which subjects really interest you. Check out their career-oriented clubs too.

5) TRANSFER ASSISTANCE - Many junior colleges have formal programs to guide students who know they want to transfer to a university. They can often provide detailed recommendations for which courses to take, and in some cases may even offer guaranteed admission via relationships they have with many universities.

Steve recommends the following next steps:

Contact the admissions, student affairs, and/or academic counseling office at several of your local junior colleges to find out more about their programs, low fees, and resources.
Visit junior college websites to learn more about each campus and all that it has to offer.
If you know which universities you are interested in transferring to, contact their admissions office and ask about transfer programs from your local junior college(s).
Visit junior college campuses to check them out, take a campus tour, talk to academic counselors, pick up a course catalog, and more.

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Ellen’s Answer

Hi Catherine,

Starting your college career at a junior college is very logical and is often overlooked as an option. Steve provides a lot of practice reasons as to why, but I wanted to reinforce the point about allowing yourself to explore different major and concentration options. It's important to explore different opportunities and majors before committing both time and money to just one. As well, junior colleges typically offer a great diversity in the student body where you can be exposed to individuals from all different backgrounds. I encourage you to leverage the experience of your counterparts in these colleges in order to learn more about the different options life can provide!