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If you don't like blood, how do you become a doctor in pedeatrics

Asked Haslet, Texas

Hello my name is Rachel and I'm a 6'th grader, I want kids to look up to me, but HATE blood any insight on what carrier I should presue will be a help. #pediatrics #degrees

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Bailey’s Answer

Updated Santa Cruz, California

Hello Rachel, Do you want to for sure become a doctor with children? Or do you want to help kids in any type of job? There are many many jobs working with children that do not always have to be medical- but - if you do want the medical field, there are many ways to work with children where you are less likely to encounter blood. When you picture your dream job working with children, what do you see yourself doing?

Jobs also in pediatrics include: teachers physical therapists occupational therapists speech therapists jobs in child development social workers school psychologist

Let me know if you have more questions!


Thank you the answer was much help.