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what is the best engineering college in America?

Asked Haslet, Texas

I would wish to know the best college for aeronautical engineering. #college #engineer #aeronautics

2 answers

Tina’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Wow-- great career choice. Both US News and the college ranking site have the same listing for the top schools. I've attached the quick shot list here for you.


Thank you so much Tina you are a big help.

Michael’s Answer

Updated San Jose, California

As Tina mentioned, there is a list of top engineering colleges (keep in mind, how these are calculated is extremely arbitrary in most cases).

Equally, if you're passionate about aeronautical engineering, there is plenty of materials outside of a college program to participate in, look at projects like 'CubeSat' & the Airbus 'Fly your Ideas' program.