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What is the industry growth in five years? engineering

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3 answers

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Sameer’s Answer

Hello Josie,

What is industry growth in five years - it depends. Which industry are you considering? Manufacturing, IT, Food, Pharma, Real estate etc.? Industries are usually interdependent with other sectors and it is hard to predict how it will fare in long term. General professionals can predict 1 year of the industry while gurus can accurately predict next 2 maybe 3 years. Eg. - If finance sector improves, Automotive OEMs follow and start showing improvement in following 1-2 years which uplits automotive supplier industry in following 1-2 years. It is like interconnected chain reaction.

I am not an expert in this matter some people from some other fields study these matters. May be you should consider adding other tags like 'Finance', 'Industry', 'Strategy' to your question as someone from that sector can answer this question.


thinks for the info Wesley H.

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Josie C. I see that you posted this question a little while ago so I hope my answer to you (or others who may read this response) is still helpful.

I will share that I have been an engineer for a long time...and I have worked in technology-based positions for a long time. I don't know of a time when there wasn't growth in the engineering fields. I state this primarily because there is so much in so many of these fields that touch our lives and there is so much innovation that impacts us in ways that maybe we hadn't thought of, until we realized the innovation was something we couldn't do without...think smartphones.

In short, my answer to your question is that, in general, there will continue to be robust growth in engineering. One of the previous answers mentioned our lives now, post covid. The time and tools that were used for remote work and remote learning will be harnessed for other needs and people who have strong problem solving skills (like what is gained from completing an engineering curriculum) will be in very good positions to contribute to the continued growth in engineering.

Hope you find this answer helpful and best of luck to you!
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Maria’s Answer

Hi Josie,
As long as we live and work in a built environment we will need engineers. If you look at the forecast spend on infrastructure, the state of current infrastructure and the need to fix this there is a huge amount of work to be done. Also the way we interact with the built environment is rapidly changing as such how we use that infrastructure will change and this will mean that even the existing infrastructure will change.
Pre-covid we also saw more and more people moving into cities meaning that space and use of the space needs to change to incorporate more people, with covid we may see this slow, but even if people move out of cities the built environment will still need to change. We will continue to need hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities, power, water etc. Pick a field that you are interested