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Will F. Mar 23, 2015 15424 views

Importance of mechanical engineering

I heard that mechanical engineering is the basis for the other engineering professions. Is this true? #engineering...


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Wade-Noah B. Apr 08, 2015 1567 views

How many areas are there in engineering?

I want to become an engineer but not sure what area of engineering interests me....


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Martina P. Sep 02, 2015 1694 views

What are different types of engineers that are less technical or don't use coding?

I'm interested in science and math but I'm not as interested in the coding aspect of the engineering field. #college #engineering #engineer...


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Hanh N. Sep 21, 2015 6024 views

What steps do I have to take to become an industrial engineer?

Hello, I'm having a hard time picking a major in what I would like to do. Currently, I am majoring in biology but I'm starting to think it is not for me. I am thinking about taking on a career in math. Industrial engineering seems to be compatible with me. I am very social, math clicks, and I...

#disney #advice #major #engineer #career #industrial

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Caleb G. Oct 20, 2015 992 views

What jobs do you do if you are in engineering

cause I want a good part in engineering #engineering...


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Whitney A. Oct 22, 2015 848 views

What are the most common engineer choices?

I was just wondering which choice of engineering would be most common because I know that there is so much out there but I can't decide which type to enter in the future. I am a 6th grader and I was very interested with the cool things and objects engineers get to create and do. #engineering...

#experienced #mechanics

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Mackenzie H. Oct 22, 2015 6036 views

What type of engineers make cars or buildings

I am in 6th grade and want to take the early steps to get the job I want in the future, Thanks for the feedback #engineering #mechanical-engineer...


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Wesley H. Oct 22, 2015 837 views

Is a mechanical engineer the same thing as an engineer?

I want to know witch one is better or if there the...

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Wesley H. Oct 23, 2015 1125 views

how much money would you get to be an engineer

Hi I want to know how much money would you get for being an engineer #engineering...


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Wesley H. Oct 23, 2015 980 views

how much fun would being a engineer be?

Hi I want to know how much fun it would be for being an engineer #engineering...


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Blake K. Oct 23, 2015 727 views

what degree do you have to be to be one of the highest engineers

I like making things and I have a very good imagination...


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Lukas T. Oct 25, 2015 572 views

What type of engineers are there

I'm a 6th grader and i need to know more about...

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Josie C. Oct 26, 2015 525 views


What is the industry growth in five years?...


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Dustry G. Oct 28, 2015 591 views

miniature model makeing

i collect miniature models and would like to make them for a job....


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Cooper Y. Nov 02, 2015 632 views

How much money does a mechanical engineer make?

Hi i am a 6th grader i searched this question up on the internet and they said it was an average of 41.17 hourly but i just want to check if that is the correct amount of...