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Posted on Oct 05, 2015

Mechanical engineer and electrical engineering. But I want to creat my own company so also business management.

Enter collegue, work in internships and start looking for new concept and ideas needed for a company. With my degrees start working to save money for my company. I'll look into the resources I have and create a small business on merchandise development for bigger companies. Then start creating the main product or focus for the production of my company and start looking into the public necessities and wants. #engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineering #electrical-engineering

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Posted on Feb 24, 2016

To me whats important is becoming a professional soccer player. Soccer because i love it, and most importantly i want to do this for my dad. But i realize that there is a low chance that it'll accomplish that. So what i have as my second option is to become a mechanic. A mechanic because i feel like it would be a fun job. Plus from when i job shadowed a mechanic, i really enjoyed it. It was a great atmosphere.

Context: I will have to study in order to achieve both careers if possible. I'd have to exercise and eat right if i'd want to accomplish my goal of becoming a professional soccer player. But honestly all it takes is studying for both careers.
College: N/A
Other Education: N/A
Activities: N/A
Job Experience: N/A
Soft Skills: N/A
Hard Skills: N/A
Other: N/A #computer-science #computer-software

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Posted on Dec 10, 2015

Mechanical Engineer meets my needs of work values, interests, and skills. One of my work values is achievement. This value involves the need to use my individual abilities and have a feeling of accomplishment. Occupations that would satisfy this work value are result based and allow employees to use their strongest abilities. Becoming a Mechanical Engineer would full fill my value of achievement by allowing for me to use my abilities of math and science to design and build a product that would solve a problem. One of my interests is investigative. Investigative occupations frequently involve working with ideas, and require extensive amounts of thinking. These occupations can involve searching for facts and figuring out problems. Mechanical Engineer would satisfy this interest by allowing for me to work with a team to brainstorm ideas to create new and innovative designs to improve society. One of my skills is Installation. Installation is installing equipment, machines, wiring, or programs to meet specifications. Mechanical Engineer would test my skill of installation by making me work on machines and equipment that require multiple parts and a very specific configuration of the parts to function correctly. A program called CAD, computer aided design, would help with this skill.

To reach my goal of becoming a Mechanical Engineer there are several steps needed to be completed before I achieve my goal. First, I must graduate from high school so that I can go college. Once in college I would pursue the degree of Mechanical Engineer. I would obtain a Bachelor's or Master's degree for Mechanical Engineer. In college I would begin the process of networking to acquire professional contacts, internships, and job opportunities. Once I have graduated from college with a degree in Mechanical Engineer I would pursue this field by starting at an internship or by being employed after college. These are the steps required for me to become a Mechanical Engineer.

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Posted on Dec 09, 2015

Chemical Engineer

Context: I have a BS in chemical engineering and I want to get my FE in chemical engineering
College: N/A
Other Education: N/A
Activities: N/A
Job Experience: N/A
Soft Skills: N/A
Hard Skills: N/A
Other: N/A #computer-science #computer-software

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Posted on Oct 19, 2015

Electrical Engineer

Context: I will go to college and get my masters.Then I will get a job that involves it
College: N/A
Other Education: N/A
Activities: N/A
Job Experience: N/A
Soft Skills: N/A
Hard Skills: N/A
Other: N/A #computer-science #computer-software

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Will F. Mar 23, 2015 14253 views

Importance of mechanical engineering

I heard that mechanical engineering is the basis for the other engineering professions. Is this true? #engineering...


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Wade-Noah B. Apr 08, 2015 1482 views

How many areas are there in engineering?

I want to become an engineer but not sure what area of engineering interests me....


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Martina P. Sep 02, 2015 1659 views

What are different types of engineers that are less technical or don't use coding?

I'm interested in science and math but I'm not as interested in the coding aspect of the engineering field. #college #engineering #engineer...


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Hanh N. Sep 21, 2015 5926 views

What steps do I have to take to become an industrial engineer?

Hello, I'm having a hard time picking a major in what I would like to do. Currently, I am majoring in biology but I'm starting to think it is not for me. I am thinking about taking on a career in math. Industrial engineering seems to be compatible with me. I am very social, math clicks, and I...

#disney #engineer #major #career #advice #industrial

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Caleb G. Oct 20, 2015 948 views

What jobs do you do if you are in engineering

cause I want a good part in engineering #engineering...


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Whitney A. Oct 22, 2015 807 views

What are the most common engineer choices?

I was just wondering which choice of engineering would be most common because I know that there is so much out there but I can't decide which type to enter in the future. I am a 6th grader and I was very interested with the cool things and objects engineers get to create and do. #engineering...

#mechanics #experienced

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Mackenzie H. Oct 22, 2015 4355 views

What type of engineers make cars or buildings

I am in 6th grade and want to take the early steps to get the job I want in the future, Thanks for the feedback #engineering #mechanical-engineer...


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Wesley H. Oct 22, 2015 809 views

Is a mechanical engineer the same thing as an engineer?

I want to know witch one is better or if there the...

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Wesley H. Oct 23, 2015 1067 views

how much money would you get to be an engineer

Hi I want to know how much money would you get for being an engineer #engineering...


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Wesley H. Oct 23, 2015 922 views

how much fun would being a engineer be?

Hi I want to know how much fun it would be for being an engineer #engineering...


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Blake K. Oct 23, 2015 698 views

what degree do you have to be to be one of the highest engineers

I like making things and I have a very good imagination...


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Lukas T. Oct 25, 2015 540 views

What type of engineers are there

I'm a 6th grader and i need to know more about...

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Josie C. Oct 26, 2015 483 views


What is the industry growth in five years?...


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Dustry G. Oct 28, 2015 562 views

miniature model makeing

i collect miniature models and would like to make them for a job....


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Cooper Y. Nov 02, 2015 611 views

How much money does a mechanical engineer make?

Hi i am a 6th grader i searched this question up on the internet and they said it was an average of 41.17 hourly but i just want to check if that is the correct amount of...