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What are the most common engineer choices?

Updated Haslet, Texas

I was just wondering which choice of engineering would be most common because I know that there is so much out there but I can't decide which type to enter in the future. I am a 6th grader and I was very interested with the cool things and objects engineers get to create and do. #engineering #mechanics #experienced

3 answers

Rita’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Hi, While there is a wide array of options in engineering to choose from, I can understand why it can be sometimes confusing and overwhelming. The good news is you're getting a head start on figuring out what you want to do. The best way to narrow down your interest and passion is by attending some of the events where engineers create things like maker fairs , or listen to Ted talks online about latest engineering feats, or attend devoxxforkids and other intro to tech courses where you get to try your hand at chip design to game design to drones and everything in between. Try and read an article about a different discipline in engineering every day. See what ends up sticking to you the most. You've got time to figure out what ends up being a fleeting interest vs what ends up being a life time passion.

I will check out Ted.com and see if I can find the engineering job that is right for me in the future. Thank you!

Peter’s Answer

Updated Kent, Washington

Computer Engineering and Civil Engineering are two of the most popular engineering degrees. Both pay well and have good, long-term demand and job prospects.

Pete Sturtevant < PE

Sameer’s Answer

Updated Greer, South Carolina

The world is indeed changing fast with many new industries coming in and many dying out. By the time, you get to choose your line of work, you will have (new) array of industries. Currently, the no.1 advice : Follow your passion. You have time, try out everything. If you are interested in science work of different school projects, it will give you a hint of what you like and what you are good at. As Rita said (above), watch Ted.com. Look online for small projects in different fields, do voluntary services, read articles.. Once you find your passion, you will know your choices and will stick to it through life..

Thank you! I will go check the site Ted.com out and see if it helps me.
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