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how much fun would being a engineer be?

Hi I want to know how much fun it would be for being an engineer #engineering #money

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3 answers

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Simon’s Answer

I am retired after 35 years of being an mechanical engineer and engineering manager. I cannot say I loved every minute because there is s lot of responsibility and stress sometimes, but the rewards are phenomenal. I felt like I made the company, my customers/clients and the environment better. If you like problem solving, figuring out customer needs and making things better, you will love engineering.

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Sameer’s Answer

Engineering is a tonne of fun.. If you like the field you are in, you will love every moment of it, every problem you solve, every concept you learn, every product you build... It is an excellent way of looking at engineering...

thanks Sameer Wesley H.

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Virginia’s Answer

So I might not be quite as witty with the puns as Sameer (tonne vs ton) but I can tell you that engineering is a great field to go into! My day is never the same thing over and over but instead a constantly changing environment of new challenges and new opportunities. In my current role I get to travel a lot to different plants and to different vendors which I love. It is very rewarding to work on something and then physically see the results.