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After getting my math degree from an university, am I able to start a teaching position while still attending school?

after graduation with a BA in Mathematics, will i​​ be able to teach somewhere for part-tim​​​e and still be in the mathematics master progra​​​​m at the universit​y​​?

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6 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Each state will have its own requirements. Here in Texas, there are charter schools that do not require a teaching certificate. To teach in the public schools, you need a teaching certificate, except, as previously noted, substitutes do not require a certificate.

If you intend to teach school age children, I strongly encourage you to try teaching before going on for your masters.' This is for two reasons: First, you may find that it is not what you expected. Secondly, you may be able to get tuition assistance to help pay for your masters' if you are working for a school district.

This is a true story: While working at the workforce office, I had a gentleman who came in looking for help. He had a masters' in teaching math. He had been teaching for two months. He wanted OUT. NOW. I had quite a talk with him. He said that most of the students were not interested in learning. And, although he was fortunate enough to be teaching one accelerated course, he said those students "did not need" his help. The worst part of this story is that he was married and his wife was expecting their first child. I tried talking with him about his role in motivating students, but he had already concluded this job was not for him. It was sad.

Not to end on a negative note, you should be able to start your own "side-hustle" doing private tutoring. There are lots of people out there struggling with math!!

I wish you the best!


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Adria’s Answer

Depending on the school district you apply for, you will be able to sub or be a permanent sub until you receive your teachers certification. In order to teach on a college level, professor, you need to get your Master's degree.

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Lesley’s Answer

In most states as long as a bachelor's degree has been conferred, you should be able to enter the workforce under a 1-year temporary teaching certificate and then get permanently certified under an alternate certification program. Most school districts have a route whereby non-educations majors can get certified and they may even pay for the classes.

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Christian’s Answer

Hi Jeffrey.

I applaud you for deciding to go into the educational field. That is a tough profession that only special individuals can do. I have the upmost respect for our educators.

And yes, you can start working as a part time or full time educator after receiving your BA.

My children go to a charter school that hires individuals in the same situation as you.

As long as you continue your education to gain your teaching credentials, they will invest in you and your success.

I hope this helps you and I wish you the best in your carreer path.

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Ouadia’s Answer


Each state will have its own requirements.

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Janet’s Answer

You might be able to teach in a private school. To teach in a public school you will need a teaching certificate. Check out the website of your state's Board of Education.