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When is going to community college first not a good idea?

Asked Des Moines, Iowa

4 answers

Javier’s Answer


A community college is always a great option, is local, it is way cheaper and you always have the option to transfer to a university. If you have the option to go to a university with a full scholarship by all means take advantage of it.

Brian’s Answer


A community college is a great way to start. After I finished 6 years in the military I got my associates degree at a local community college. Then transferred to a four year college. Was the best decision I made.

Halleh F’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

I don't know if I understand the question correctly. I assume you mean to go to community college for 2 years and then transfer to a 4-year college to finish your undergrad degree.

It depends on your major, your grades, whether and what grad school you want to go after undergrad degree. While it's hard to generalize, unless your goal is to go to very specific grad schools, it's OK to do the first 2 years of your undergrad in a community college. Hope I understood what you were trying to ask and helped with the answer. Good luck!

Cassandra’s Answer

Updated Jacksonville, North Carolina

Hi Alexander,

I would say that community college is almost always a great choice. I began my studies at my local community college, which allowed me to live at home with my parents, and work a full time job. This allowed me to save money, and of course my costs per credit at college were significantly cheaper as well. After two years, I moved on to a university, and all of my credits successfully transferred over. Community college is a very cost effective way to get a degree as well as network with individuals that can help grow you further in the future. Good luck on your journey!