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When is usually the latest you should decide what college to go to?

I'll be a senior in high school next year, and I've been on the fence on whether to start at a local community college or at a 4-year college roughly 55 miles away. I want to wait and see how many scholarships I will be awarded before I decide. Thanks! Application Student Scholarships

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2 answers

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Katie’s Answer

Hi Joseph!

Good question! Generally the deadline to officially decide is May 1st of your senior year. On that date you have to notify the college that you plan to attend in the fall. So you have until then to decide and apply for scholarships. Hope this helps!

Thank you very much for the response! Joseph Z.

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Vivian’s Answer

I would say apply to college immediately or at least when most of the applications start opening up cause it's better to apply rather than wait on the decision. Some schools give you scholarships and say it in the acceptance letter when you receive it, so I would say don't wait for scholarships cause you can decide later once you receive all the letters.