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what is salary for a designer

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4 answers

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Mandy’s Answer

Hi Madison,

A great place to start is to complete comparative research to see what the career salary of a designer within your region has to offer. You can create different scenarios via website/apps (Glassdoor, Job Search, Indeed, and Linkedin) , to give yourself an idea based on the individual strengths you have to offer, years you're studied (regional salary varies), and the current market value within your area to date. Another path to consider is to review and interview with different talent agencies to see what salary advice they can personally offer you as you have fresh eyes within the market. They love eager individuals who have great minds and are willing to work hard.

Wishing you all the best within your future career.

Warm regards,


Mandy recommends the following next steps:

Visit Job Search website- mobile apps such as Glassdoor, Job Search, Indeed, and Linkedin
Connect with a recruiter via the Job Search sites to test the market for accurate salary proposals within your area.

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Anna’s Answer

Hi there! Glassdoor can be a decent place to start, but there are also some design-specific resources you can check out. https://designcensus.org/ is a good resource, and AIGA has done a "design census" in previous years. Sometimes local design groups/meetups collect salary information in an anonymous way and publish the results so you have a better idea of what to expect locally.

I often encourage people to share what their salaries are because I think salary transparency is incredibly important, especially to ensure people are paid equally for the same experience/tenure/skills, despite differences in age, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. One colleague of mine told me he was able to find more specific salary information in Reddit threads.

It's a great idea to find people in the location where you want to work who you know will be open and honest about typical salaries for the specific type of designer role you're looking for.

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David’s Answer

I would search on Glassdoor.com for a specific company. Typically an entry-level salary for a designer in a tech company would be around 60K + benefits. Design studios or advertising agencies would be around 40-50K. That's based on my experience in New York and San Francisco. Good luck!

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Simona’s Answer

A good indicator for salaries in the field of your interest is Glassdoor.com