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How is Grad School for Chemistry majors?

Asked Santa Monica, California

and what are good tips to help you get into a good grad school? #chemistry #graduate-school

2 answers

Melissa’s Answer

The experience of graduate school in chemistry depends on a lot of factors. If you are pursuing a masters degree, it will be a different experience than pursuing a PhD. It is important to look to see what recent graduates are doing. Most programs list current graduate students and you can reach out to them to ask questions about their experience. For doctoral programs, it is important to see what type of research faculty are conducting. The experience is based on the reputation of the school and the individual faculty member.

Melissa recommends the following next steps:

  • Pick some schools and look at their graduate program in chemistry. See how they describe it.

Bashir’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Grad school can be really challenging but awesomely paying. For Chemistry majors, you can either concentrate in Industrial or Medical. So it is all about choice but if you are serious then go for it.