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Are there more job opportunities for physical therapists working with the elderly or with athletes?

Which of the two offer more stability and also, which is more common? #job-market #in-business #physical-therapy #out-patient

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2 answers

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Elise’s Answer

In general, there are several settings for PTs to work in. In hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, you work primarily with the elderly ( unless a children's hospital). In outpatient orthopedics, there is a good mix of ages and abilities- some athletes, middle aged and elderly people. I would say there are more jobs in general working with the elderly, but there are jobs in all areas. To only work with athletes would require working for a university, sports team or specialty clinic, and I don't think there are many open jobs for new graduates in these settings. I started out wanting to work with athletes but love my job as a pediatric PT.

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Luke’s Answer

To add to the answer that is already here, sports PT is typically a higher paid position which means it is more competitive. If you can get into the industry, it's very rewarding but takes a lot of work to stay employed. The elderly industry on the other hand, is continuing to grow and create more demand for PT and there are a lot of open positions. However, you are usually working with Medicare, so the job is very stable but not as lucrative.