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What are the fastest ways to make money for college?

Whether it's scholarships, or grants or a form of profit, please list down how or the specific name. #money #income #money-management

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6 answers

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Loida Otero ➢’s Answer

You definitely have amazing options already. To add to this list, I would think about the areas you absolutely excel in. For instance, I had a classmate that had impeccable notes and study sheets that he would sell for our macroeconomics class. If you go to ratemyprofessor.com, some professors are horrible, but if you understand the materials and can create amazing study guides, that's a nice little side-hustle. There's also offering tutoring as a service or offering an "accountability study-buddy" as a service. Then there are writing assignments, conducting research, or revamping LinkedIn profiles. Fiverr is a great way to get started or start by placing flyers around campus. Think about businesses that need help with social media, and now things are remote so no need to physically be there. There are opportunities at every turn, think about the things you wished you had and then ask friends and students if they would pay for it! Recently, I read from an entrepreneur that he got his start by renting out his friend's apartment near the campus to the family of new incoming freshmen and made money that way. He saw the opportunity and started to offer other students the same and made a sizable income. My advice, think outside the box. The person that paves his/her own road often has a more rewarding path.

Loida Otero ➢ recommends the following next steps:

Find an area you excel in and see what you can create as a service or product
Offer a service that is needed in your area/school, but do your research first!
Draw inspiration from other entrepreneurs in various industries
Can you start teaching what you know on social to gain credibility

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Eric’s Answer

I believe the fastest ways to make money for college is to work on campus. Usually there are great opportunities on campus to work in like the computer lab or library. These employers for sure will work with your school schedule.

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Luiz’s Answer

Hi, Patrick
I an an engineer, retired, and I had same problems when studying in college.
The mais thing to gain money (my particular case), was giving particular classes of physics and mathematics.
Also, I had weekend job, to help old people when their relatives were travelling.
Good Luck

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Sheila’s Answer

Hi Sandra:

I agree with the comments you've received so far. I'd like to add that you could also ask the college financial office about "work study" programs. When I was in college back in the day, I did a work study program and I also had a job that I found part-time on my own at a local popular hotel in the area. While I was employed at the hotel, they had a tuition reimbursement program, which helped me out greatly. I started out in Housekeeping because the hours worked well with my class schedule. I later got promoted to the Front Desk and really enjoyed meeting many Hollywood mega stars along the way (ie, boy did I meet some very great stars). :)

Check with your college student resource center to see if they have opportunities that may fit within your schedule and suitable for your needs. Good luck on your journey. I wish you the best of luck.

~ Sheila

Sheila recommends the following next steps:

Check with your college/university student resource center for opportunities
Check with your financial aid office for student aid programs (ie, work study, etc.)

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Sandra’s Answer

It may not be the fastest, but if you are looking for scholarships, do the leg work. I spent a lot of time in my local libraries using their resources and working with the staff to pull relevant data and apply, apply, apply to as many, no matter how small or big. A bunch of smaller scholarships can definitely add up. Instead of one larger one, I ended up with 5 smaller ones that added up to the larger ones amount. Some of the smaller ones are easier to get as there isn't as much competition for them.

Also, if you know what you would like to major in, call the college and talk to a staff member in that department to find out if there are any college sponsored grants/scholarships that you could apply for.

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Ricardo’s Answer

As a teenager you can work part time as waiter/waitress at restaurants since tips are usually very good; they will be as good as your service though.  In addition, there are a wide variety of part time jobs from employers that are willing to accommodate your school schedule. Once again restaurants, fast food restaurants to name a couple.  I hope this helps. I worked at Baskin Robbins while in College to help myself with college. I also joined US Army ROTC and applied for scholarship which paid for all my tuition, books and received a small monthly check for spending money.