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Is it recommended to have a job in your first semester/year of college?

Asked San Antonio, Texas

It's tempting to get a job to help pay for tuition, etc., however won't it interfe​r​​​e with your studies given that it is your first time taking college classes?
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2 answers

Harvey’s Answer


There is a lot to take in as you start college - from meeting new people, managing your own schedule, and living away from family - and you want to ensure you are putting yourself in a good position to succeed in a brand new environment. For some, a part-time job may not be a big deal and may even help set a regular schedule to follow; for others, it may be challenging to juggle alongside everything else that is going on your first year.

You are doing a great job thinking through the potential impacts of having a job, and I'd encourage you to continue thinking about the classes you'll be taking, clubs/organizations you want join, and other extracurriculars you want to be involved with, to determine what your schedule might look like and how a job might fit within it.

Tanner’s Answer

The first couple years of college are really where you set the stage for how all 4 years will go. You really want to hit the ground running if possible. My advice: if you can afford to live without it, focus on studies or just work some. If you can't, work, but setup a schedule for yourself to prepare for classes. If you can, find an internship or relevant job (or start a business). Most students DON'T do this and the ones that do always look amazing when recruiters are looking at a pile of resumes. ALWAYS choose projects over thesis papers. ALWAYS get internships. The earlier, the better.
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