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Cecilia P. Oct 25, 2017 931 views

Are unpaid internships worth it?

I'm currently a full time student working at a part time job. I'm currently looking for an internship to work in the public health field, but I noticed that most of them are unpaid and demand a significant amount of dedication. I understand that internships are extremely important for career...

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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018 638 views

Should I apply for big company internships if I don't have previous internships relating to it?

Would it make sense to apply to somewhere like Sotheby's (art auction house) as a marketing or business development intern if I haven't done anything within the realms of art, or directly as a BD intern? #businessdevelopment #business...


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jeami C. Aug 23, 2018 282 views

Is it recommended to have a job in your first semester/year of college?

It's tempting to get a job to help pay for tuition, etc., however won't it interfe​r​​​e with your studies given that it is your first time taking college classes? #first-job...