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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018 321 views

How easy would it be to be hired at an art auction house/art gallery without Art/Art History as a major?

I intend to study Political Science and minor in Art History, but I have heard that many people within the art world are majors in art/visual art/art history. I wanted to deal with the business side of art, but wasn't sure if my minor would be acceptable to the likes of Sotheby's, Christie's,...

#careers #art-history #business #art #galleries

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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018 452 views

Would it look bad on a resume to have a gap in internships?

Would it look bad on a resume if I didn't do an internship one year, but instead did summer classes, or volunteered? #volunteer #resume...


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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018 456 views

What are some careers I can get into as a Political Science major?

Are there any careers aside law, politics or research which political science majors can get into? Are there any careers that would utilize the skills well? #future-careers #careers #political-science...


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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018 414 views

Should I take a certification for my second language in order to stay competitive?

I am bilingual but not incredibly strong at the writing or reading side of the language. I wanted to know if this would be putting me at a disadvantage and if I should take initiative to take a certification to prove my skills. #foreign-languages #careers #internships #evaluating-resumes...

#skills #resume

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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018 702 views

Should I apply for big company internships if I don't have previous internships relating to it?

Would it make sense to apply to somewhere like Sotheby's (art auction house) as a marketing or business development intern if I haven't done anything within the realms of art, or directly as a BD intern? #businessdevelopment #business...


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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018 524 views

What are some relevant skills to stay competitive in the 21st century?

Would coding, trilingualism, graphic design, etc be relevant for marketing/PR/branding interns? Would this be something interns/students need to adopt in their skill set in order to stay competitive? If so, what kind of skills would you recommend, and why? #recruiting #communication-skills...

#branding #marketing #public-relations

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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018 521 views

Do big name employers mind if your previous internships were not at big name companies?

I was wondering how HR takes into consideration the locations of where their applicants worked at, and whether working at a small company would matter? (eg. a Marketing Intern for Small Company vs. General Intern for Big Company with some transferrable skills and/or Marketing Intern position...

#evaluating-resumes #internships #humanresources #marketing #publicrelations

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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018 452 views

What are some key positions or skills that would look good on a resume for business development/marketing internships?

I was wondering if things like language certificates, volunteer positions at smaller companies/charity organizations would look good, or anything else, for positions in business development or marketing/PR. Marketing would include brand consulting, communications/PR, consulting, etc....

#branding #internships #resumebuilding #marketing #resume-writing #brandconsulting #public-relations

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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018 354 views

How are internships from 5-6 years ago still relevant in your resume?

I have started interning for marketing and law firms since at least 5 years ago when I was in middle school, but I'm not sure whether or not to put them on my resume, and if so, how it would contribute to my present day skills. Are these generally to be avoided? #resume...