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How easy would it be to be hired at an art auction house/art gallery without Art/Art History as a major?

I intend to study Political Science and minor in Art History, but I have heard that many people within the art world are majors in art/visual art/art history. I wanted to deal with the business side of art, but wasn't sure if my minor would be acceptable to the likes of Sotheby's, Christie's, etc.

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3 answers

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Sunday Emmanuel’s Answer

It actually might not be easy but once you argos at what you are doing, then it gives you an edge

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Sydney’s Answer

Hey there!

You're asking questions and that's always the first step! Research auction houses and art galleries in the city you live/cities you may be interested in. If they have a contact section, it absolutely never hurts to reach out. Cold call or email! Your determination will stand out! Having a formal education in the field will be a large benefit to you. Connect with your art teachers and find out who they could connect you with. All in all, don't be afraid to advocate for yourself. If you can't no one else will! Put yourself out there. All it takes is one "yes"!

I am an Entrepreneurship major in college and a Photography minor. Your Art History minor will be great! Get experience (internship), have impressive references and have made a great impression!

Good luck!

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Eric’s Answer

Hi Tanya,

Great question, and the answer is not here unless someone answering it is from one of the major auction houses... so, my suggestion is ask them directly. Make a call to Human Resources and speak with someone directly about your goals and desires.

Truth of the matter is, on paper a candidate with a major in Art History would likely be the preferred hiree, as with most positions in the workforce. But that is not always the case and the best way to find out is to ask the source.