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Valeria’s Avatar
Valeria Aug 27, 2018 736 views

Is Graphic Design a good career choice?

I keep getting different opinions on it, and I would like to know more.

#graphic #graphic-design #logo-design #creative

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Sep 05, 2018 581 views

What is the usual day an artist like. (One that is an artist as a profession)

#artist #art

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jan 10, 2018 1612 views

What can I do to become a cartoon creator?

I'm asking this question because I'm kind of interested in cartoons and I would maybe like to make my own cartoon show one day. #Animation #cartoons #cartooning #art

Joana’s Avatar
Joana Feb 06, 2016 1209 views

I'm a Graphic Design major, and wondering what jobs I can get with this degree?

What other jobs can I get if I major in Graphic Design? What careers are there for it? #college #art #major #design #graphic

Raney’s Avatar
Raney May 29, 2018 750 views

What do companies look for in a portfolio when hiring a designer, artist, or photographer?

I want to design logos, album covers, and advertisements for record labels, musicians, or lifestyle companies. When creative professionals hire freelance artists or people to work for their company, what kind of things do they look for in their portfolio before hiring them? #graphic-design...

Kelvin’s Avatar
Kelvin Jan 03, 2018 635 views

I am in the 7th grade and I am just beginning to explore my future career, what are some careers and helpful next steps I should consider based on my love for Martial Arts?

At school, I am most interested in martial arts, while my hobbies include martial arts. A topic that I am passionate about is Martial Arts. What are some career options that best align with these interests and what are some helpful next steps I can do in the near future? #martial-arts #kinesiology

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Jan 16, 2018 834 views

Do you have to know things about websites if you want to be a graphic designer?

I don't really understand and like learning things about websites if it doesn't have to do anything with graphic design. Learning about websites should be learned if you want to be a web designer and not a graphic designer. #websites #graphic-design #design #information-technology-and-services

Alexandria’s Avatar
Alexandria Jan 16, 2018 697 views

Should I major in Entrpreneurship?

I want to sell make wall art for homes, but I don’t if I should major in visual arts or Entrepreneurship. #major #women-in-business #business #entrepreneurship #college #art #visual-arts

W. C.’s Avatar
W. C. Apr 02, 2017 1126 views

What are your thoughts on the state of the media marketing field, and the future of it?

Is it considered a rather new industry in the society? Can this industry still be developed in the coming decade? Are there too many people entering this profession these days? #social-media #media #marketing

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota May 19, 2016 742 views

Is it possible for one to work as an Architect and an Architectural Engineer? I Know they're two incredibly different fields, but I am incredibly passionate about both and am curious if there is a way to actually participat ein both in the work force.

I am aiming for a BS in Architectural Engineering and Plan on getting a Masters in Architecture, to give myself a well-rounded education. I've heard from professors that it's fairly black and white between the two careers, however that might simply only be the case in America. Maybe other...

Kirstin’s Avatar
Kirstin Apr 12, 2018 673 views

What is the best high quality art school in the world that is not Julliard?

I am a sophomore in high school that is interested in an artistic career that involves makeup, special effects makeup and art in general like painting, drawing and design. I want to attend a top notch art school that will truly lead me to a successful career that makes my artwork noticed in...

Trayquil’s Avatar
Trayquil Feb 20, 2017 5514 views

Is it hard to find a job in graphic design?

I'd like to know how hard it is to find a job straight out of school #graphic-design #graphics

Tania’s Avatar
Tania Jan 17, 2018 674 views

How to start your own business?

Currently, I am studying business at college, but I have a passion to have my own clothing line one day, and I'm wondering how could I start it off with no experience and budget. Any advice will be helpful!

#business #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #clothing #brand #marketing

Zainab’s Avatar
Zainab Jan 07, 2017 861 views

What skills a Graphic Designer needs?

A question I had before majoring in Graphic Design. I am sure alot of highschool or college students interested in GD will be asking a similar question to this. #graphic-design #animation #illustrator #photoshop #indesign #personal-development

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda May 05, 2016 879 views

How do artists make money?

My friends say you can't make money off of art and I am very passionate about becoming an artist. #art #artist