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What is the best path to take to get into high level college/NBA basketball officiating

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Matt’s Answer


Hi there.  I would recommend first that you start refereeing at the local level.  I started at a local basketball summer camp, then working the local college/university summer camps as a referee, which turned into paid refereeing at the YMCA and then just trying to attend as many high school games and college games as possible and making time to introduce yourself to referees.  I sit in games now and there's always one person there monitoring the performance of the referees.  Last year, I met an NBA official development scout, attending a game at St. Johns College High School. He gave me his card and said to pass along any talented, young referees who would be good to watch.  Try starting with someone you know who may know a referee, or start volunteering at summer/winter leagues to get some practice, exposure, etc.  After that, if you're good, people will notice and you just have to ask for feedback, opportunities and how to get connected to the right league, games, etc.