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What can I start doing right now?

What kind of job could I start looking for, without having a bachelors degree but trying to get into the field of Occupation therapy. jobs field

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2 answers

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Cassandra’s Answer

Hi Vanissa,

If you do not have a degree or any certifications yet, you may want to consider doing receptionist work within an office. While this may sound a bit off your track, beginning in the actual office and getting acquainted with the field and professionals can be very beneficial. Many students work within offices to see what the day to day operations look like, as well at network with others in the field. This could also be a great opportunity to have a mentor if you choose to begin working on your degree. Good luck with exploring your options!

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Penny’s Answer


Experience can speak volume! Look for a position that will give you exposure to all areas of becoming an Occupation Therapist. Working at a Dr. office for sport or physical therapy, working at a VA hospital, or try working with home care for elderly to get the experience. The demand for occupational therapists is rising...great career choose!

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