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I have completed my masters in computer Science but i don't like coading,want to do job in some creative field with lots of colours. Please guide me

I have completed my Masters in computer field but don't want to work in my field of study field

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3 answers

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Rebecca’s Answer

Hi, may I know the reason that you choose computer science major at the beginning? You have also completed a master degree on it. What is the incentive for you to do so? It is not easy especially on the master degree. Do you lose you interest when completing the degree or your interest is on something else? That would make a difference.
If it is the first case, i.e. you lose the interest after completing the degree, you can try to look for a job in IT sector first. IT has many different kinds of working not only limited to coding, e.g. Software Architect, Web Developer, Computer Engineering, Application Support, etc. Working in the industry in real life is quite different from studying. You can experience it first before you are looking for the move.
If it is the second case, would you consider to work in design, e.g. fashion design, product design or even web page design, etc.? You may need to take some further training to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge. For Web Page design, it may be more suitable to you since you can leverage what you have learnt.
I would suggest you explore more and determine what you are interested in. It is never too late to make a move to the career you like. It is really a pain to work 8 hours a days on a job you have no interest.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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Mayada’s Answer

Career shifts are trendy and there's no shame about it. I suggest you start taking online courses and build an impressive portoflio. That's all is needed as long as you're passionate, I'm sure you'll excel!
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Sanober’s Answer

Hi Ramanpreet,

You are never tied to a career just because you completed advanced schooling in that field. We as humans are here to have an experience, and changing careers, no matter how many times, is all part of the human experience. The only reason we feel pressured to stay in a field we are unhappy in is because of social standards, but as soon as you learn to let those go, you are able to live life for YOU. Find your path of a life with more colours :)

Hope this helps!