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What are some jobs you can get majoring in child development?

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Cynthia’s Answer

Hello Valeria!

I am a pediatric & neonatal nurse who also enjoys working with children. One of the coolest jobs in a pediatric hospital, in my opinion, is that of the Child Life Specialist! They typically have an Bachelors or Masters of Science Degree with a focus in Psycology & Child Development. They work as part of the interdisciplinary team, and assist the pediatric patient to both cope & also understand a new diagnosis or to prepare the child for a procedure or surgery. The Child life specialist also assist siblings in understanding the patient’s medical state prior to their first visit. They stock & monitor the hospital playroom, and help pediatric patients access age appropriate toys, crafts, books, games, movies and puzzles theoughout their hospital stay. In the neonatal unit, they may provide mobiles, swings or visual stimulus for infants to enjoy while they remain in the hospital. As you can see, Child Life Specialists are an important part of the pediatric healthcare team! I hope this helps to expand your interest in the Child development area!


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Tyzhanae’s Answer

You can work as a preschool or elementary teacher at a public or private school.