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How do you really know what want to do?

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I sometimes fear that maybe I'm taking the easy route. Sometimes I feel like I don't have passion or I have no direction. #future #career

4 answers

Noreen’s Answer


Hi Sarah - It can be tough to move forward. We don't want to waste time or we don't want to make a bad choice. Take a look on a job search site, see what jobs look good to you. Try to find people doing that work and how they got there. Sometimes people are motivated by money, by title, by the type of work, by the teams they get to work with . Sometimes it is also about locations. Don't put so much pressure on yourself, breath, take a look around, and explore.

Tina’s Answer


I would ask instead what can't I do? Don't tie yourself into something. Explore your passions and hobbies. Find something or multiple somethings that make you happy and fulfilling.

Clivin’s Answer



Sometimes you wouldn't know what you would like to do right away which in time you will. The easiest thing you can try to do is first find out what you are passionate in and what you like to do. Second find out what job has the abilities needed that you like and learn the skills you are unfamiliar with.

Clivin recommends the following next steps:

  • Think of hobbies or skills you like to do
  • Look up jobs that have the skill/hobbies you like
  • Learn the background and requirements needed
  • Go after it

Kopavi’s Answer


Look for something you are passionate about and have a natural curiosity in. If you love what you do you will be successful. I had a passion for technology and natural interest in it. I pursued a career that would allow me to work with it, sell it and also share my passion about it. Turned into a great career choice after trying a number of other jobs I didn't have the same passion or curiosity in.