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How can I find a balance between study, work and social life?

I have to find a job in order to pay for at least half of my tuition as scholarships won't do enough. How can a balance all the projects for school and still work?

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2 answers

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Jordana’s Answer

You can't. At least, not all 3 all at once. You will go through phases where it's all study and work, or all work and social, or all social and study. How long that phase lasts all depends on what's going on. The key is determining your top priority. Singular. You can't have multiple "top priorities". Let's say school is your top priority. Everything you do, with few exceptions, has to support that. In your situation, that's your job. So for now, your social life simply has to take a back burner. It doesn't mean don't talk to friends, don't go out for dinner, don't do ANY socializing, but in any given instance, you have to decide if drinks with the girls is worth it. That's how life will always go. There is never any "you can balance it all" because you can't.

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Lucie’s Answer

Hi Ana,

I believe prioritising is the key here. There are phases. There will be times when your studies will require more time and you will have to focus on them more than the other 2. But I don't believe there should be days where you only and solely focus on 1. In order to enjoy any of the 3, you need to find balance. And when you enjoy what you're doing, you get better at it.

The trick is to plan in advance. I assume work has set hours so, any hours that aren't in your working hours can be planned. And then remain very set to what you have planned, otherwise you will not trust you r plan anymore and It will not work out. If you have set to study for 2 hours after work and you get a last minute message from your friends asking you to come out, stick to the studies!

But take it easy. Don't stress on it too much, and remember to do a bit of everything.