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What is the best way to get around in college as a Freshman ?

Asked Anaheim, California

Make friends ? Talk to teachers ? #sports #social-media #communication

2 answers

Ju-Hyoung’s Answer

Updated Redmond, Washington

Study, club activity, volunteer, part time work, bagpack travel in summer, workout, etc. the most important is what you need for being valuable person in future.

wu’s Answer


I think there are some good things that you could do as a freshman during your first stage of university time:

·        Spend time with your roommates and adjust yourself to accommodate to society. This also teaches you that supporting others is important in social life.

·        You will definitely have some opportunities to take part in college events, and this may bring you more benefits for your career in future.

·        Capture the chances to develop your leadership skill by attending those campus activities and there are many free lectures which you may find very helpful to you in one or two aspects.

·        Study hard on your subjects; All knowledge you receive from university will decide what kind of job you will get after graduation.