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What kind of volunteering hours can we include in college applications?

Asked Apple Valley, California

When I apply for colleges, I notice that they ask for volunteer hours. I'm curious as to what kind of hours they will consider. I volunteer at my church occasionally and help out at my school, do activities like that count? #volunteer #collegeapplication

4 answers

Will’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Yes, absolutely! When applying, you should highlight all the community service you do. It is important to demonstrate your engagement in your community. Good luck, hope this helps!

Karen’s Answer


Every volunteer hour can be included, whether at church, school or at an event.  Having a wide variety of volunteer experiences is seen as a plus.  If you have an opportunity to identify the various organizations or activities, that would be good information to include.

With every good wish!

Doug’s Answer

Updated Glendale, California

You can include any and all volunteer hours. It would be especially beneficial though if you can include things related to your major. For example, lets say your major is veterinary science, it would look great to show that you have volunteered with animal groups.

Angela’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Stephanie,

Yes, anything that you do in your free time to help out your community should count as community service. Helping out during school activities or during church events should definitely be included.

Good Luck!

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