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How long did it take to choose your major?

Did you end up sticking with the major you went into college with or did it take you a while to figure out what you really wanted?

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2 answers

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Julianne’s Answer

Hello Niya,

Many people go into college not knowing what they would like to do, and that is ok! I went into college undeclared but being interested in education. In my sophomore year, I spent my time talking to many people and learning about the different career options related to children and education. While doing this and not having a major, I completed all of my general education classes, so I could still think about what I wanted my major to be. Currently, I am in my Junior year and have declared my major as Developmental Psychology.

Everyone takes a different path in college, some people know what they want to do before even applying to college, but some people don't know what they want to major in. Take your time in considering the options because there are many different options.

Good Luck, I hope this helps!

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Angela’s Answer

Hi Niya,

I declared my first major the second semester of college. Towards the end of my sophomore year I questioned whether this was the right path for me. During my junior year I decided to add on another major. I found the specific position I wanted, during my senior year. College is a journey and as someone that did not know what I wanted to do, it did take me a little while of exploring before I found the right career path for me.

Good luck!