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How often do singers perform in a year?

it depends because if your not prepared your gonna have to practice it depends if your ready to perform your song Saphia P.

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2 answers

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Ryan’s Answer

Hi abi,

The answer's really up to you; how active you want to be and in what capacity you are performing. For instance, I sing part-time in a cover band that performs 20-40 times per year. On the other hand, I have friends who sing full-time in cover bands (3-5 shows a week) that perform ~200 times a year or more; and friends in theater who perform ~100 times or more. Of course, that doesn't include any rehearsals or practicing at home.
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Cora’s Answer

Honestly, it really depends on your age and gender. Speaking as a professional actress and singer, when I was 11, I sang a LOT. I was in shows at professional theatres, getting paid. I also was hired for gigs at Homes for the Elderly, antique shows, farmer's markets, etc.

Just think about how old you are, what your profession is, and what your location (if you are in a city, small town, etc.) is. If you let me know, I can tell you about what the average is.