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What are some things I can be doing to build up my resume for an internship in the film industry?

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Jeff’s Answer


Yes, you can add any thing you had done in past experience for those jobs.

That way it helps big different.

Robert’s Answer


Hi, the film industry can be very exciting, and it holds many positions that can range from finance to physical production and even digital marketing. If you have a general idea of what area you want to enter, then it makes it easier to try to design a path toward that environment. My answer is for someone that is not sure what area they want to enter but can apply to anyone interested in getting some experience.

Some of the things you can be doing to build up your resume are networking. Most career opportunities happen through someone you know, that is not to say it’s impossible any other way, but it helps. Consider attending/volunteering at film festivals, local talks or movie screenings for independent films, etc. Depending on your city, you have various types of activities. Becoming active in online forums can also be helpful if you have a skill like say design, social media knowledge, music, you may find other like mind individuals that may benefit from your knowledge.

Another thing you can do to build up your resume is getting involved in some activities at your school, church, youth center, etc. and volunteer if they have any audio-visual needs, filming an event, taking photographs, posting to their social channels, starting their social channels, etc. This experience may seem like not a big deal, but it is a start to add things to your resume and build some recommendations you can share for internships.

Look up online at any company you would like to get an internship and apply. While many of the larger studios may be highly competitive, you can find independent productions that need reliable people that can make themselves available. I’ve used interns as Productions Assistants and many gain valuable experience due to our production budget being so small. You get to wear many hats and you gain experience to place on your resume.

You asking a question like this is a great way of putting yourself out there. Now through social media, you can communicate with people directly through DM, email, etc. Be kind, be respectful, but don’t be shy of asking people this question directly and you may be pleasantly surprised at how many respond.

There is no perfect way to get experience, but, don’t take for granted things you may have done in school or even for family. I’ve had interns that recorded and edited a friends party and I recommended they use that as part of their reel. Hope some of this helps and best of luck on your journey!

Some next steps:

-Create a Linkedin Profile https://www.linkedin.com/

-Create or update your resume



-Be mindful of what you post on social media. When researching candidates, I have known many employers that will search social media to get a general idea of the candidate. There have been times where people were not considered due to the content on their social media feeds.

Robert recommends the following next steps:

  • Create a LinkedIn profile
  • Create or update your resume
  • Clean up, if necessary, any inappropriate content on your social media accounts