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How do I find a job after grad school?

Asked Irving, Texas

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Katelin’s Answer


I think you have gotten some great advice already.

Once you figure out what you are interested in, set up informational interviews with people in the field to learn more. These are similar job interviews. It is your time to share your story and learn about the profession. Unlike job interviews, you should not expect a specific outcome but some people have gotten jobs or referrals through these types of discussions. Your career service office should be able to put you in touch with alumni in your area of interest.

Take advantage of any career fairs and company information sessions on campus. These companies are looking for people like you who are the start of their career and the company often have well established development opportunities.

Lashay’s Answer


Hello Bobby:

Great question. If your grad program requires an internship, try networking within that organization to find out if they are hiring in your field of experience. If you still have time, try to get an intership, if you were not required. If you can get two internships, more opportunities may be available to you. Even if you're in an online program, get an internship for non-credit, speak to you academic advisor about this. Aside from internships, network,network, network. Let everyone you know that you are searching and offer your resume to them. You never knowwho they know. Also, if you can afford it, join a professional organization by getting a student membership (often less expensive than a professional membership). They will offer job search assistance in the field. Finally, simply search online for what you are looking for. Have your resume developed and reviewed in advance. Have your reference sheet typed up in advance as well in case it's requested. Each cover letter needs to be unique to the position for which you apply and do offer one to each job that you apply to. Speak with professors too about searching assistance and if your school offers Career Counseling, by all means visit them at least twice for help. Expect to meet with them for about 1 hour (either online or in person). I sincerely hope this helps to frame your search process a bit. Best of luck in your process!

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