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What graduate degrees provide the best job security after graduation?

Asked Carrollton, Texas

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Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

Hi Sahonara,

Given this and your other question, it sounds like you may already have a Bachelor's degree and are looking to continue your studies? Or is it that you are looking ahead, and still don't have a Bachelor's degree?

Either way, I strongly encourage young people to get some real world experience before pursuing a Master's degree. There are several reasons for this.

  1. A graduate with a Master's degree, and little or no work experience, will find it difficult to compete against applicants who have both the education and experience. They will then start applying for lower positions, only to be told that they are "overqualified."
  2. Too many people realize, upon entering the job market with their Master's degree, that the field is not for them - it is very different from what they had been led to believe in school, or had idealized it as being.
  3. If you have work experience in the field prior to getting the Master's, it will all make a lot more sense to you, and you will benefit from the education much more than if you don't have a frame of reference to relate it to.
  4. Some employers offer tuition assistance!

I could offer a lot of examples, but I will give you only one. I had a customer who came to me in October wanting to do a career change. He had gone straight through for a Master's in Mathematics Education. Once he started teaching (two months ago!) he realized it was definitely not for him. He wanted out. Now! It turned out he was also married and his wife was pregnant with their first child. He definitely had some family responsibilities he needed to be considering as well. Why did he not like teaching math? Because, in his words, the students were not interested in learning!

I do not understand why, at this point, you are considering a graduate degree. Could you tell us a little more about your current education, experience, and interests? It is difficult for us to give you guidance with so many diverse possibilities! Teaching? Business? Criminal Justice? It's wide open!

As far as "job security," there really is no such thing anymore. Most people can expect to change employers 3-5 times in their professional careers. You will want to keep current by attending training and conferences, and keeping up with technology. Once you have been out of school just a few years, the degree becomes less important, as compared to the actual skills and experience you have to offer. (with a few exceptions, such as Engineering).

Hope this helps!