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What types of careers are available with a business degree?

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Hi Tara,

It would really depend on your area of interest. You can choose subjects that allow you to major in fields like marketing, supply chain, HR, Finance. Of course within these areas you can choose to specialize further and become a subject matter expert in a particular area.  As you go through school you should try to identify your interests and pick subject accordingly  so you can land a job in that field. Even if you get a generic business degree identifying your interests is crucial so you end up with a job that you like to do.

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Business degrees are great because you can utilize the skill sets you acquire to go into any vertical. I personally have a BS in Business Administration, and am the Global Security Systems Program Manager for Airbnb. On a daily basis, I use skills I learned in college to help talk to/manage people, balance budgets, create workflows, and manage projects. These are basic skills you'll learn in college that you can apply to any job.

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Hello! When you have a business degree, most companies will have a niche where your skills and education will be beneficial. A business degree can lead to leadership, management, operations, human resources, or marketing. Any and all skills learned can and do translate to other areas. Find a job you are passionate about.

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Depending on what sub field you are interested in, you can pretty much get into anything with a generic business degree. Finance, consulting, Marketing, HR, etc

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