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What should I expect the work load to be like in college?

Asked Sterling Heights, Michigan

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Alana’s Answer

Updated Somerville, Massachusetts

Hi Zachary! A lot depends on which college you attend, which classes you take, and what you major in. Some colleges have smaller class sizes and require assignments in between each class. Others may have no assignments but one exam at the end. Regardless, it is important to take notes and do the readings in between classes for your own learning and it will help you for midterms/finals so you avoid "cramming." The biggest learning curve is college is figuring out how to do all of the social and extracurricular activities with the work load. It can all be done! It's just a matter of how you balance your time and how effective you are at studying and getting your work done when it is time.

Tyson’s Answer

Updated Milpitas, California

Hi Zachary. Much of it will depend on what you decide to study. I graduated in Physical Science and the workload was about 2 hours of work outside for every hour in the classroom. This varied also but I can say as a general rule of thumb. I was also involved in extracurriculars as that is part of the experience!

Molly’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Zachary.  The rule is typically for every 1 hour in a classroom, you should have another 1-2 hours of work outside of the classroom.  Not all of your classes will require this amount of work nor will they all check to make sure you're doing the homework. But you should budget about this amount of time to ensure you're understanding the coursework and can pass the classes!  You may also have work if you join a fraternity or clubs, or if you have a part time job. And of course - don't forget sleep.  :)

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