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What is the transition like from high school to college?

Asked Collierville, Tennessee

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Michelle’s Answer


Hello, Hannah R. -

The transition from high school to college is wonderful ! You know that you're making a step up . I can address this by speaking from my own experience.

I went to college 3,000 miles away from where I went to high school. This was a huge transition as there was a great cultural difference . It was wonderful. I found the people in college much more friendlier, holistically healthier, creative and many more interesting activities happening than where I went to high school. This was indeed a very grateful step towards progress in my intellectual and social world.

Most likely, you will have demanding reading, writing and public speaking requirements and that will be fine for you if you've already been successful in high school. It will just be deeper and more in quantity. You will develop your own time management skills that work for you.

It seemed to me that the people in high school were much more unfairly judgmental, superficial and sometimes just disinterested. In college, the social dynamic consisted of strong bonds among people who have the same goals , people who have chosen to be at college and interested in learning from one another - and let's not forget about having fun, too. I went to college in a fun small city.

Your experience will be different than anyone else's. To make the most of it : stay true to yourself, your values and your ethics. Know that you are capable of making smart, beneficial decisions and that making those good decisions will greatly benefit you in the future.

Best wishes for an exciting first year in college !

Sheri’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

There will be a culture shock transitioning from growing up with the same people to establishing a new group of friends. The freedom can also be very overwhelming at first but you will get used to it. The workload is also different requiring you to be more proactive in learning and preparing ahead of exams and tests. This time in your life is a balance between becoming educated about your field and building personal relationships with different types of people.

Sheri recommends the following next steps:

  • Find a mentor(s) to help guide you through the next stages of your life emotionally and professionally.
  • Understand the college culture and see if it is a fit for you. Visit lots of campuses!
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