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Is academic research or internships better?

Asked Lexington, Kentucky

I am planning to go into aerospace engineering and astronomy. Would academic research or internships be more beneficial for future job prospects and staying competitive in the job market?

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3 answers

Jono’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

Hi there Henry - that is a great question! Both have merit and would give great experience for both building your resume as well as making contacts. It may be ideal to try both over the course of your degree program.

Julie’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

Hi Henry,

Go Wildcats! Both academic research and internships offer you valuable experience and add value to a resume. If you want

to go into academia and teach or do research then any research experience would help you. If you want to work at NASA or be more “hands on” then internships would carry more weight. Coming straight out of college most do not have any related job experience so if you can show the number of hours you spent in job related work via internships that may edge you past another graduate. Always log hours spent and get recommendation lettters from professionals you intern with. It will be harder to get those years later. Do it. while their minds are fresh on your work ethic, etc. so their recommendation letter is more specific to you and not so generic.


Lillian’s Answer


It depends on where you want to go, career-wise. If you want to go to graduate school or go into research/academia as a scientist, do research! If you want a job in the industry as an engineer, find an internship!

If you don't know which you want, try either one or both! At this point in your life, it's just important for you to go do SOMETHING so you can figure out what you do and don't like.