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What can I do with my Criminal Justice degree

Asked Long Beach, California

Recent graduate with a bachelor's in Criminal Justice. I've been job searching but have had no luck so far. #jobsearching #criminal-justice #jobsearching #criminology

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Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas


The job search takes time and a LOT of effort. If you would answer a few questions for me, I can better help you with this! In order to address a problem, we have to first be able to narrow it down.

  1. Why did you get a CJ degree - what type of jobs are you interested in? Are you willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays?
  2. How many interviews have you had - and, for what types of jobs?
  3. Have you had any "second" interviews for any positions?
  4. Are there any particular types of questions that are causing you problems in the interviews?
  5. What previous work experience do you have, and, are you including it on the application/resume?
  6. How long have you been looking?

As a retired police officer, with applicant review board experience, who went on to work at a job placement center, I believe I can help you! I am looking forward to hearing back from you!


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