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What are the hardships of a women becoming an architect?

Asked New York, New York

I’m a sophomore looking at possible career choices, but I want to know all the possible hardships I could face and what might happen if I were to join architecture.

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2 answers

francisco’s Answer

Updated Salinas, California


I’m going to recommend that you rephrase your question to, “What hardships can I take on to become a better architect?”

I think that most women I’ve worked with are tougher, more emotionally intelligent and generally know how to bring a team together because they dared to trade punches with the good ole boys and adjusted the rules and culture a bit.

So, yes, immerse yourself early with the dudes, (best at construction sites) join the conversation and listen and learn. Eventually, you will hear the same old stuff, and that’s when you come in with, “Have you considered this approach?”

Your voice will after some time be more noticed and heard. And you will know you are in the right place when you start talking and people listen.

Consider it a challenger or your duty to change the current studio culture which by the time you are an architect may be less of an issue. Also, try to get a mentor (male or female architect) to help you learn faster. And, at least initially, work harder than your colleagues until you are at the top, and finally make sure to mentor other women, minorities and those who remind you of you.

francisco recommends the following next steps:

  • Consider reframing your question/s to a "What Can I Do?" perspective to see if you can view your concerns more objectively. But if you are thinking of a hardship or if you have doubts or if you think there could be circumstances that you anticipate, try talking to / working with a seasoned architect who can give you feedback, good direction and honest answers.

Alice’s Answer


There are many challenges a woman has to face if she wants to become architect. The possible challenges are 1. Being straight in communication with various stakeholder 2. Glass Ceiling 3. Not familiar with mechanical or engineering stuff 4. Working with contractor who seldom communicate.

There are challenges in all job, however what makes an individual to do well as architect is individual's interest level. Do not let what people said to you affects your passion in becoming an architect.