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What is the most difficult Part Of A Welder's Day ?

Asked Buffalo, New York

Welding Looks Like a bundle of fun ! I'm wondering what is the what is the hardest part of the job ?


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Jeffrey’s Answer


Hello Vernon, I am an architect intern and work with people in the career. I am also a hobby welder. Their several types of welding careers. Some in manufacturing, automotive and construction.

On the construction side of welding you will face heights, carrying equipment, problem solving guiding beams into place and ensuring a clean /safe bead. You may also be working long hours to meet construction deadlines.

In general metal workers get paid very well but work very hard in extreme cold and heat at times. So don’t look at how hard something is, look for the reward. Like being apart of a huge project and building something for everyone to look at and enjoy!

Jeffrey recommends the following next steps:

  • Research all aspects of welding using google, YouTube.
Thanks So Much Jeff Man I Really Appreciate The Valuable Intel. Would You Happen To Know Which Welders Earn The Greatest Reward Out Of Manufacturing, Automotive, Or Construction ?