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Dirk "Dutch" Dykstra

Welding Inspector
Billings, Montana
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Luis’s Avatar
Luis Jun 29, 2022 225 views

What is the most difficult thing about working as a welder?

What (if any) health risk come with working as a welder?

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Mar 12, 2019 513 views

On average what does a welder make?

#welding, #underwaterwelding

Tara’s Avatar
Tara Apr 04, 2019 582 views

What is a typical day like as a welder?

What is a typical day like as a welder?

#welder #welding #metalwork #metal

Vernon’s Avatar
Vernon Dec 17, 2018 531 views

What Is The Hourly Wage For a Welder In Buffalo New York ?

I' m strongly considering taking up a welding trade at Woodstock job corps . I'm Wondering How Much I'll Be Earning By The Week.


Vernon’s Avatar
Vernon Dec 17, 2018 730 views

What is the most difficult Part Of A Welder's Day ?

Welding Looks Like a bundle of fun ! I'm wondering what is the what is the hardest part of the job ?


Alexandria’s Avatar
Alexandria Aug 05, 2021 343 views

What is trades are more art oriented in welding?

Although i do like putting things together, i would also like to know if there are more art oriented jobs in welding #art #welding

Trever’s Avatar
Trever Jan 23, 2022 958 views

How long will I be away from home as a Pipeline Welder?

I am wanting to pursue my career as a Pipeline Welder and was wondering about the time I would be away from home.
#career #welding #pipeline #bluecollarboys

abraham’s Avatar
abraham Feb 02, 2022 343 views

is welding a career that could pay off for the long run?

#welding #long-term

Luis’s Avatar
Luis Mar 15, 2022 301 views

What are the three important things I should know about welding?

Hi My Name Is Luis Terrones Hernandez I am Student In the Jobcorps

I know there are many important things but I would like to know the 3 most important