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What are some challenges that you faced when on your journey to becoming a physical therapist?

Asked Tucson, Arizona

I am enrolled at fred g Acosta job corp and I am wanting to become a physical therapist #physical-therapy #physical #medicine #therapy

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Melissa’s Answer

Updated Pasadena, California

Hi! Are you referring to getting into PT school or once in PT school? Challenges getting into school were finding a good councelor to help me take the appropriate steps to getting into school, finding a PT aide position/getting enough volunteer hours, and financing application fees/the GRE. The biggest challenge in school was finances. Fortunately, my husband was able to keep us financially secure during my three years of physical therapy graduate school, however the loans and interest on those loans will be a journey of their own to pay off. If you have any specific questions, you can also reach out to other PTs on the "Doctor of Physical Therapy Students" page on facebook. This page has a mix of people interested in PT, PT students, and current PTs to pool answers from.