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What should be my next step?

I moved from Colombia a year ago, where I got my bachelors degree in Bussines Communications and journalism.
I haven't found a job in the field due to my lack of experience and right now I must sustain my family, therefore, I need a job that can provide me enough income to live in LA and give me the experience that I need to keep ahead with my career.

I want to study but I don't wanna do it in any place, I would like to know which are the best programs for my profile...

Should I do a masters?

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3 answers

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Natalia’s Answer

Hi Francy,

I understand you are in a complex situation, especially coming from abroad. It is always best to have a degree as it opens doors to management positions and better salaries, however I am aware that you have the urgency of finding employment on your field to take care of your family. I think you should evaluate what is a priority and a possibility for you right now - are you able to take the time to go to school? Do you prefer to focus on the job search? Would you be able to go to school and hold a job at the same time?

If you are considering school, note that having a bachelor's degree from abroad may not mean that it is valid in the U.S and therefore some employers may or may not consider them as part of your education. Some schools may give you credit for classes taken abroad, but you may still need to take other classes to complete a degree valid in the U.S. This is a link with a list of universities in California that offer your major: https://www.collegefactual.com/majors/communication-journalism-media/communication-media-studies/rankings/top-ranked/far-western-us/california/

You can research the one you are more interested in and schedule an appointment with an admissions representative to find out your options.

If your priority is employment, I think it's key for you to start building the work experience aspect of your career. Internships are a great way of doing this. Search for paid ones at large companies that would give you the opportunity to get hired full time afterwards. Note some companies require for the individual to be a current student pursuing a degree but that is not the case for all. Manager in training programs are very popular in the U.S for recent graduates. Also be open to entry level positions in your industry, they are not the best salaries to start with but they will provide you with the experience you need and it's a good start. Google, Indeed.com, SimplyHired are all search tools that can help you find these types of positions.

My last trick as it relates to job searches is to not only rely on online applications. Try to get in front of hiring managers and recruiters at local job fairs or company open houses. Visiting the companies you would like to work for and asking to connect with a Human Resources representative if appropriate, could be good! Always go prepared knowing what openings they have and dressed appropriately and with a copy of your resume as some may bring you in for on the spot interviews. Don't be pushy but going the extra mile can pay off. Hope this helps and good luck on your search!

Natalia! Thank you so much for your answer it really helps me big time! I'll start working on it. Kindest regards, Francy Lorena G.

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Karen’s Answer

I commend you for coming to the USA and your commitment to taking care of your family! Whatever career you enter, you can know that what you are doing is making a difference in the lives of your family.

While I don't have a specific suggestion on a program in LA, I'd say consider what you like to do so you can feel accomplishment no matter what job you choose. In many cases, experience can be more valuable than a Masters degree in obtaining a position.

With every good wish!

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Tina’s Answer

Hello there,

Welcome to the States and congratulations on the accomplishment of completing your Bachelor's degree!

I certainly understand the need to earn a living to support your family; and while it's not at the easiest or most desired thing to do, you may want to consider searching for paid internships so you can earn money while you are gaining experience. While the compensation will not be extensive, the scenario can certainly be done. Having worked within majority of the countries in the world, I understand the complexities around making a significant relocation.

Have you considered the path you'd like to go down for your career? Business Administration is very diverse which is wonderful because it offers tremendous flexibility. I understand you also majored in Journalism but that, too, offers several paths to go down.

I'd like to understand your career goals a bit better to provide more details around your potential options.