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If I Wana get a higher chance of being employed into biomedical engineering should I get a bachelors in biomedical engineering or mechanical ir electrical engineering

Asked Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Stephanie’s Answer


Pick the field that interests you! If you are more passionate about your electrical engineering courses in your first two years of your engineering degree, then stick with electrical engineering. If you prefer biomedical engineering courses, stick to the biomedical engineering curriculum. You can always complete in a minor in biomedical engineering if you major in electrical engineering, and visa versa.

Aim to get industry experience through an internship at a biomedical engineering company. This is one of the best ways to increase your employment prospects as a college student and engineering major. Also, if your school offers research or independent study credits, read through the research labs that your school hosts. Look for projects that are interesting, and then reach out to the professors, often known as PIs or primary investigators, leading those projects. By working or volunteering in their labs, you can gain real biomedical engineering research and laboratory skills as well as research publications and letters of recommendation that will help you secure a great job.

Good luck!