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Stephanie S. Dec 14, 2018 265 views

If I am interested in building technology that is used in hospitals, would I study mechanical or biomedical engineering?

I am a junior in high school and I am very sure that I want to be an engineer that works on building and testing all types of devices that people in the medical field work with, such as diagnostic machines, operation room monitors, scanning machines, etc., but I am confused about whether that...

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Andrew S. Dec 16, 2018 226 views

What college courses in the future should I be taking to work in the medical field?

I aspire to become a pharmacist in the future and I understand that after receiving a Bachelor's Degree I must take a four-year pharmacy program i​​​n order to get my Doctor of Pharmacy, but what classes should I take to prepare myself for pharmacy school? In addition, are there any classes...

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alexander D. Dec 30, 2018 95 views

getting my foot in the door Web dev/android dev

I am a computing and informatics major at Rowan University. Going int my senior year I am starting to feel the pressure to find an internship but it seems like all the employers around me want CS majors. Any advice on how I should go about finding an internship/where I should look. at this...

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Olivia G. Jan 08, 2019 134 views

When you are becoming a OB GYN in college then is it hard? What goals do you need to set ahead of time?

I am olivia and I am 13! I babysit toddlers and babies! I have younger cousins and I am in love with babies and I would like to spend my life taking care of them. I am also willing to devote my life to my work as an OB GYN in the future....


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Ma J. Jan 09, 2019 528 views

Economics+ Civil Engineering, Double degree, is it worth it?

So, I'm a sem3 final year A2 Level student from Malaysia and I'm thinking of pursuing Civil Engineering later in Uni. I have thought of diverging into the finance/ economics line, and have considered getting a CFA or Masters in Econs, as Economics is one of my favourite subjects. I also like...

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Ashlyn R. Jan 23, 2019 210 views

whats it like to be a sports med physician assistant?

I just want to know the steps to take. #medicine #physician #healthcare #doctor...


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Tanya L. Feb 21, 2019 111 views


What would you consider to be the best career past with a degree in kinesiology?...