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How much did this career cost?

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Hello, you have asked a very good question. How do you feel about pursuing your career in the medical field? I strongly believe that you have a desire and a passion to be in the medical field, you should follow your heart no matter what the amount of school costs. There are opportunities for you to apply for scholarships, work study or student loans. In no time, you will be so successful and making a decent salary where you are able to pay off your loans. The amount of medical school all depends of what type of doctor that you want to be and the number of years of clinical practice. For instance, <span style="color: rgb(60, 64, 67);"> the average medical student graduates has a debt of over </span>$170,000<span style="color: rgb(60, 64, 67);">. If </span><span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">you’re considering a medical academic career, first consider the average cost of medical school to make sure you’re ready to take on the burden. For further information, you can refer to American Medical Student Association website; </span>Association of American Medical Colleges website and AAMC Scholarship Supplement website. I hope this information helps you to make your decision because there are so many different positions in the medical field.


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Money aside, it cost me time, relationships, my health... I wouldn't change anything though since it ultimately lead me to this awareness and a much richer life now. Many do get caught up in the academics or business aspect without the balance and this can go on for a lifetime so enter with caution.

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Medical school is one of the most expensive career options. The Class of 2018, on average, graduated with $196,520 in student loans. This loan debt does not include accrued interest on those loans or other graduate and undergraduate education loans.